Karin Carter Mixed Media Art - Santa Barbara


Clay, photography, paint, wood, paper. 

Why Make Art?


 So many things inspire me and make me want to riff off the beauty in the world, especially here in Santa Barbara. If my sculpture or mixed media work makes me laugh, all the better. 

Rather than making art for the shock value or rigorous concept (a gallery floor covered with dirt, or garbage gathered from the street, or a canvas painted all black), I want to play

I hope you get a sense of the joy I take in making things.

It's the Beauty Thing!


Most of the pieces I make have a conceptual underpinning, but sometimes I make things simply because I want to look at them. 

I want to be able to step back and appreciate their lines, or colors, or the feelings they evoke in me.

I'm Doing it Wrong


Conventional wisdom says to stick with one recognizable direction/medium. 

I want to run around and try new things, scoop up new input, hone my seeing.

So let's be a little unconventional!

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